living room

Sa Bisbal  occupies a building of significant architectural interest. It was constructed in the XVII century, being located in the most privileged place of Selva, at the top of the town next to the gothic church of Sant Llorenç which itself dates from the year 1301.

For a long time the building was the residence of noble families of Majorca. The actual owner has restored all the building giving back all its character and original splendor.

Between the more remarkable architectural elements is the portal fora constructed with perfectly fitted stone blocks; the original cub de vi , which was used for the fermentation of the grape in producing wines. In the celler excavated in the rock, the wine was stored in barrels.



The stone stairs are one of the oldest and most valuable architecturally enchanting elements of the house .

In keeping with the Majorcan gothic style,  Sa Bisbal retains in its  large windows the  conopial carved stone arcs.

In the patio is the magnificent aljub , characteristic element of the Mediterranean culture, which still today collects rainwater.